June 04, 2003

serious allegations have been made against the Prime Minsiter, suggesting that he 'duped' the cabinet and decieved the British public about the so-called 'serious' threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). After the revelation that Downing street had changed the dossier, making a case for a military action in Iraq, to make it 'sexier', this is another blow on the PM who went ahead with attacking Iraq without popular consent of the British public.

Tony Blair has criticised his critics for demanding evidence of WMD when there is still a humanitarian crisis in Iraq. He stands 100% behind his assertion that Saddam Hussein was capable of delivering WMD in 45 minutes notice based on the intelligence- which is now being questioned about its accuracy and being called to make public. The PM has asked for a little 'patience' so the assesments by the intelligence services can 'turn out to be correct'.

The charges of misleading the public come at the G8 summit in Evian, France where the world leaders have been forced to meet and discuss issues amist the tension from the decision to go to war without UN approval. The PM recognised that there were fundemental disagreements about the war, but it has also brought people together to discuss the significant and serious threat of WMD to world peace.

The Prime Minister praised the US president for his 'Road Map to Peace' in the Middle East, meeting Arab and Israeli leaders to bring stability in the region with the full support of G8 leaders.

Tony Blair has yet to reveal whether there will be an Independent enquiry regarding the issues of whether there are WMD in Iraq and has dismissed the allegation saying 'it is wrong, frankly, for people to make allegations on the basis of so called anonymous sources'.

May 28, 2003




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